Friday, January 23, 2009


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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Our Wednesday in Pictures...January 21, 2009

We started our day off fairly early with a trip to the pediatrician for Walker's 15 mos. checkup. We were 'trying out' a new doctor since we are still trying to find the right fit in that department. I thought this guy would be pretty good since he's an MSU grad...but still not 100% in love or convinced he's right for us. I mean the first thing he said to me was, "Let's go over his shot record to make sure we don't give him any repeats of any immunization. We actually have done that before and the parents are outraged (ya think???!!!) Yikes, that's enough for a mother to walk right out the door. But we did fine, and the guy is very nice and checked out Walker boy to find out he weighs 29lbs. 4oz. (95 percentile) and 33 inches (95 percentile) at 15 month old. He did go ahead and get the ever so controversial MMR vaccine that is being argued could cause autism in children. Everything checked out excellent, and he's in perfect health at the present time...praise our Lord for a healthy baby! PS- FYI...Walker's pants are missing because we were waiting for the nurse and the shot :( He really didn't even cry when he got his first shot in his arm. He's such a stud muffin!
Ok, so I'm sooooooooo over this blogger image quota thing. It won't let me upload any more pics so I can't finish the rest of our day...and now I'm just too tired to blog anymore. So maybe I'll get around to it later this week. Until I figure out what's going on I may need another blog name...any suggestions?
This is getting old Blogger...where's your easy button? Geez!!!!!!!!!!

Newsworthy videos & pics you gotta see...

This one is pretty funny. Hey why not? It's tough to find a good job these days. Glad I have the best job around :)

This is one of my sorority sisters from MSU. Natalie actually was an honorary bridesmaid of mine. She's one brave woman and what a bizarro story. Glad you are ok Natalie and sweet Rebecca too! Natalie doesn't have a blog so I thought I'd post about it, but another sorority sister of ours lives next door to her (her husband in the video). She tells the first-hand story on their blog.

And last but not least, Welcome HOME Mr. 'former' President. George & Laura landed in Waco, TX last night around 8:00PM for some R&R on the ranch before they settle into their Dallas home. (I'm blogging as if I'm BFF's with them--haha). Suzanne (quad mommy & Waco native) gives her version of the story since her parents were there. Too cool--of all my times at that airport, this one would have been way awesome to be a part of. Did any of my Waco buddies make it out there? Let me know...and shame on you if you didn't go...what a historic event to witness. You know if we were there, we surely would have been at the airport. My friend Katie, Will's mama, got to see him in Midland, TX where he flew from DC to hang out for a bit. Her blog is private or I would link it. The Waco paper was out there snapping a moment in time. My favorite pic is #32 of Jessica Simpson, Tony Romo, Colt McCoy, and not sure of the other dudes. Anyone else know? It's pretty cool that those younger Texans were there to welcome GWB back to 'the great state.' I'm sure that took some masterful coordination to get all of them there. And might I add one more thing about Inauguration Day. I think it's sooooooo rude that the Obama faithful loudly booed President Bush as he walked in, was shown on the big screen, and then left with a tacky "nah nah nah nah hey hey hey goodbye" song and dance. Uhhh where is your tact and class folks?

Guess that's all the national news for now. Gotta go be productive during nap time don't I? :)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obamania! A most historic day for the USA...

Ok, so you all know who I voted for, but since he didn't win, I will pray for our new President and pray God shows His mercy on our country. I can get on my soapbox about all of the prayers that were said today about, 'God bless our country and this and that...' but I'm thinking, 'really you think God really wants or should bless our country when the elected party wants Him 'out' of the decision making processes and for 'all Gods' to be embraced and accepted. I did buy a USA Today for the scrapbook and generations to come. And I did stay at home this morning and intentionally did not run errands or go jog so I wouldn't miss history being made...but then realized and remembered, we do have a DVR. :)
I did appreciate the fact that Fox News reported from the ball with the military men and women and gave some of their opinions about Bush leaving and Barack arriving. I thought it was a tribute to Bush and his pure motives to safeguard our country with our men and women going across seas to Iraq. One service man's comment to Obama "Please let us stay over there and finish the job we were sent to do." Wish I were in Crawford again tonight, I'd try to go party with "W" and Laura! Can you imagine what they must be feeling after 8 years in the White House...and how they will sleep and wake up tomorrow morning? Wow--to be a fly on the wall huh?
Ok on a MUCH lighter note, let's talk fashion girls!
My thoughts on the First Lady's outfits on Inauguration Day. The day outfit? [I liked the gold, layered look, it was very cold in DC today so that was necessary...but green, plain shoes? Sic 'Em Bears?] The night outfit? [ummm...didn't like it...not gonna lie. I was confused on what the random poof balls all over her dress were about. It should have been viewed from the mirror first, it was not so flattering from the side view.] And last but not least, I really wish she would have worn her hair up for the evening festivities. She needed to refresh from the day and look a little different. Oh well, what do I know...just an opinion on the unimportant things in life.

What did you think of today's fashion from the First Lady?

My view from the window...

So, I want to share a word that God spoke to me while at home with my family in Tennessee. While doing the 'everyday' parenting things with Walker, I've recently had to tell him 'no' more often as he wants to do more and get into everything because he is just a curious boy! Well, as he gets older he is starting to get more outspoken and showing his disapproval of my judgement for his sake. He does the normal whimpering, throwing a fit crying, and throwing objects out of frustration, etc. For example, he LOVES outside, and while in Memphis it was just too cold to go outside most days. My parents have glass doors, and he could see what he was missing out there. I knew that I was going to bundle him up and take him out for a few minutes but not until after nap time. Of course he had no idea what the plans were or what was in store for him...LATER. The real kicker is if Walker would just have patience (not too likely at 15 mos. old) and trust me (and Forrest) that we have his best interest and safety in mind. All the while I'm smiling on the inside knowing that he eventually will probably get what he wants but in my timing.
And then God spoke to me and said, isn't that how you are? We throw fits and yell 'not fair' when we don't like how life is going or when we don't get to do, go where we want to, or get what we want...when we want it....right? And I just know God is thinking, saying, pleading, "IF YOU WOULD JUST TRUST ME!!! I KNOW WHAT'S AHEAD, PLEASE JUST LET ME TAKE CARE OF YOU, I PROMISE THE BEST IS YET TO COME, AND IT'LL BE BETTER THAN YOU EVER IMAGINED. JUST LET ME DO WHAT I DO BEST--BE GOD THE ALMIGHTY" God knows that He loves us (His children) more than anything else in the world, and He (more than anyone else) has our best interest at heart, just as I do for my child. Apply it to whatever situation you are in. I also think of it with my dad who is sick with cancer now. I am choosing to trust God and excited to see what He has in store for our family 'later' in His timing.
May we all remember to trust God today and every day, whether God allows us to enjoy playing in the sunshine or when we have to stay inside a little longer. Because when we step back and reflect, the view sometimes isn't too bad from the window .
Two verses that come to mind for this revelation are:
Ephesians 3:20 Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us.
1 Corinthians 2:9 No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love Him.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Anybody out there?

I was just wondering if ya'll were still out there? I haven't heard from anyone yet since I've been back in Blogville...just making sure ya'll followed us to this site, since the other one is being stupid. Also, please pray for my dad today...he's doing his Round #2 of chemo this morning! Thanks, the coast williams ;)
Yay for Daddy Forrest being OFF today with us!
PS- And what would a good post be without a picture?

We were very productive yesterday in cleaning out our house and backyard of the 'unnecessary' things and just saying no to clutter. Don't you just love a new year? While doing that, I found this t-shirt that Forrest's sister, Ginger, got us on vacation when we were still living in Alabama and obviously not sure of the gender of our baby yet. Ha...this is for sure the first and probably last time we'll dress Walker boy in pink! This is for you Aunt Gigi! :)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Christmas 2008


Well, as it was...this was the gist of our Christmas this year. From top to bottom and left to right...the Christmas tree in the front door of E's parents' home, E's mom with Walker on Christmas morning before we left to go see E's grandmother in the hospital, Walker with E's grandmother as we spent Christmas day with her there in the hospital, the cousins on E's side: Abby & Logan, Walker inside his antique football toybox, Forrest's sister with her most favorite Christmas gift: her lawn ornament pig, cousins from F's side: Caitlin and Kimberlee (foster child), Walker & Bella getting reacquainted, get together with E's high school church buddies, E & Walker trying on his gifts from Aunt Kim, Dad & W with his fireman work boots, the sunrise on E's parents' farm, E's BFF Candace (pregnant with Cooper arriving in May), mommy being creative with play time when it's too cold to go outside...we play in the pool in the enclosed barn, the family in Highland Park, TX in the magnificent lights (during our time there for the run).
That's it. Hope you enjoyed it. Obviously this Christmas was like none we've experienced before with my dad being sick and unable to participate for the most part, but we are thankful he's feeling better and hanging in there. We weren't able to do the 'normal' traditional things like go to the Christmas Eve service at church or open presents on Christmas morning, but we are thankful that our new perspective on life and the importance of family was magnified this Christmas.
Happy New Year Blogland!